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SyFy cancels Dark Matter TV Series :(((

I started following this tv series called “Dark Matter” and season 3 just finished, I then learned the SyFy network wont continue Season 4. I am greatly disappointed they will not renew this series as it was great, it was a scifi futuristic style tv show set 600 years or so into the future, with good characters and android robots.

Im hoping someone picks it up and does Season 4.

If you want this renewed, sign the petition here – Dark Matter Renew Season 4

Reasons for the cancellation can be read on the creators blog –

You can also use hash tag on twitter #TeamRaza and #DarkMatterS4, or #RazaCrew

Come on Bring Back Season 4!!

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Armin Van Buuren – 5.5 Hour set at Untold Music Festival!!

Armin did the most amazing trance set i’ve seen for a while which went for 5.5 Hours in Romania at Untold Festival. I just needed to share this video set with you which just was so good..

Armin shows a passion, a true passion in the music he does and how he interacts with the crowd,  he really loves what he does, and this is what I like about him. He is one artist I really admire and his music.

Full tracklist on

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Cisco 897VA for NBN

The next successor to the Cisco 877 I believe is the Cisco 897VA model. This model takes in Ethernet WAN/ADSL/VDSL/SFP Fibre connections. It also has 8 x 1gb user port connections, and 4 ports are PoE capable.

It allows you to do a lot with the connectivity you require, especially when it comes to the Australian NBN multi-technology  mix. It will allow you to terminate your FTTP (Ethernet WAN port) and FTTN (VDSL2 port).

One thing I like about this router is the casing is not plastic like the Cisco 877 and it is metal instead, and it has a nice look and feel to it

Here are some photos of this model:


If you are looking for the latest software for this one to work on the NBN as well as Firmware here it is:

c800-universalk9-mz.SPA.154-3.M8.bin (Release Date 31 July 2017)

VA_A_39t_B_35j_24m (Firmware)
fwrn-a2pv6c039t.pdf (Firmware Readme)
This firmware is used for Cisco CPEs and recommended for Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN).

Hopefully this has given you a better insight of the new Cisco 897VA Model, and some nice software to operate it on the NBN or your own specific network.

As always welcome any feedback how this router performs for you 🙂

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